Music CD: Globe Trekker Volume 2 (Music CD)

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Includes music from the Pilot Guides and Globe Trekker TV shows: Mongolia, India, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Canada. TRACK LIST:

1. Streets of Bagdhad: (India)
2. Hal's Theme: (Argentina)
3. Canadia Suite: (Arctic Canada)
4. Mbuti: (Uganda)
5. Back to Beirut: (Israel)
6. Shark Callers' Song: (Fiji)
7. Water: (Argentina)
8. Violin on The Rocks: (Scotland)
9. Rodeo Costa Rica: (Costa Rica)
10. Galician Journey: (Spain)
11. Dhola-Re: (India)
12. Spanish: (Rio de Janeiro)
13. Marmot: (Mongolia)
14. Damascus Dance: (Syria)
15. Praise: (Caribbean)

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