World War II in Europe & The Pacific (2 Shows) (Physical DVD)

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World War II in Europe

Join travellers Megan McCormick, Ian Wright, Adela Ucar, Justine Shapiro and Estelle Bingham as they take us on a journey across key World War II locations in Europe. Our hosts take you to D-Day landing sites in Northern France, Hitler's birthplace in Vienna, to Nuremberg, the location for Nazi Party rallies and the post-war trials. In England, visit surviving aircraft from the Battle of Britain and the vital code breaking site at Bletchley Park. In Crete, meet veterans of the German invasion of 1941, and in Africa visit formerly Nazi occupied Mareth in Tunisia. In Germany's capital Berlin, learn about the final stages of the war as the Soviet and Allied troops closed in, and visit Auschwitz in Poland, the most infamous of Nazi concentration camps.

World War II in The Pacific

Our travellers Ian Wright, Megan McCormick, Matt Young and Zay Harding travel across the Pacific region, visiting key Second World War locations in some of the world's most remote and beautiful places. Beginning at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, our hosts take us to Kanchanaburi in Thailand, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, and through remote jungle in the footsteps of wartime Australian troops. In Micronesia, explore the ruins of a sunken Japanese warship, and see an original American B-2 bomber in the Marshall Islands. Visit islands such as Saipan and Okinawa which were key Japanese wartime defensive positions. Meanwhile in Nagasaki, visit the Peace Museum dedicated to the memory of those who died in the second atom bomb explosion three days after Hiroshima.

52 minutes per program
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