World of Apes (Physical DVD)

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World of Apes

Man's closest relatives amongst the primates are apes, with whom we share over 95% of our DNA. In Thailand, Justine Shapiro sees how the world&agravs most agile ape, the White-Handed Gibbon, is being protected. In Borneo and Sumatra, Holly Morris, Megan McCormick and Ian Wright, get close up and personal with Asia&agravs biggest ape, the Orangutan å the largest tree-living animal in the world.

In Tanzania and Zambia, we travel to see man&agravs nearest relative of all, the Chimpanzee while in the remote mountains of Uganda, we trek to find the largest ape of all, the remarkable Mountain Gorilla, of whom only 600 or so survive in the wild.

Along the way:

  • Learn about the threats of diminishing rainforests
  • Witness the very important work of conservationists working to protect apes
  • Meet recently discovered species such as Black-Crowned Dwarf Marmoset and the Golden Bamboo Lemur 

Runtime: 120 minutes
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide