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Wild West

Explore America’s spectacular Wild West with hosts Zay Harding, Sami Sabiti, Holly Morris, Justine Shapiro and Ian Wright.

Sami Sabiti follows Lewis & Clark’s 3700-mile journey, while Holly Morris rides the Oregon Wagon Trail to Salt Lake City, where 300,000 settlers travelled the frontier in the 1800’s. The Mormons were among those early settlers.

Zay Harding visits the Alamo in San Antonio, where the famous siege took place in 1836. He then rides shotgun outside El Paso, Texas on the Butterfield Stagecoach, which carried passengers on a 3000-mile journey from Missouri to San Francisco.

Holly joins the annual re-ride of the 2000-mile Pony Express in Utah, which carried mail across the Wild West. Then Zay retraces the route of the transcontinental railroad.

On the Great Plains, Zay meets a member of the Lakota tribe, who speaks of the brutal extermination of the buffalo with the building of the railroad.

Finally Ian Wright heads to the Little Bighorn battlefield in Montana, the site of Custer’s famous Last Stand.

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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