Vietnam (Physical DVD)

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Situated on the Eastern coast of the Indo-Chinese peninsula, Vietnam stretches 1,000 miles from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. A socialist republic, it opened its doors to travelers only a few years ago and now offers an intriguing mix of traditional charm and emerging development. Traveller Justine Shapiro starts her journey by celebrating the New Year at the Tet Festival in Ho Chi Minh City. From there she ventures up the coast taking in the unspoiled beaches of Lang Co and the city of Hu . After a bicycle tour of the capital, Hanoi, she ends her journey in the remote highlands near the Chinese border. along the way...

  • Descend into subterranean tunnels once inhabited by the Vietcong
  • Sail beautiful Halong Bay
  • Take a day trip down the Perfume River on a converted barge
  • Drink the juice of a snake to ward off sickness
  • Ride the Reunification Express

Also includes Treks in a Wild World :

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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