Ultimate Blitzkrieg: The Battle of Crete DVD

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This three part documentary tells the story of the famous World War 2 battle and the four year German occupation of the Greek island of Crete that followed.

With the help of documentary footage from the day, CGI, expert contributors, and survivors , we re visit the island of Crete and it’s battlefields to tell the story of this unique and bloody battle and its aftermath.

Episode 1: Invasion 
In May 1941, 14,000 German paratroopers supported by nearly a thousand aircraft were dropped on the island in a unique blitzkrieg operation.

Episode 2: Evacuation
Allied forces were evacuated off Crete’s south coast in a dangerous operation that cost the lives of almost 1000 British seamen and Allied soldiers.

Episode 3: Occupation
The resulting German and Italian occupation of Crete was marred by massacres on both sides: of both German soldiers and Greek partisans and civilians.

Runtime: 3 x 1 hour episodes
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide