Travelling in the '70s (Physical DVD)

$21.95 - $31.95


FORMAT: Region-free DVD - Plays anywhere worldwide

Running time: 95 minutes


Discover the art of travel with a nostalgic journey to the seventies. Experts share archive footage and reminisce with host Dean Cycon, while travellers fondly revisit journeys to colourful destinations of the seventies, and sometimes the unconventional ways they got around. 

Relive iconic travelling experiences that defined travel over the next fifty years in two exciting episodes of action and adventure: "The Road to Freedom" and "Up, Up and Away".

Fly on the trendy jumbo jet, catch a Greyhound bus and take to the highways on a Harley. Go Euro railing or hitchhiking. Travel across America in the iconic muscle car of the age or the celebrated VW van, and hit the road.


Along the way:

  • Learn how the Jumbo Jet changed air travel.
  • Go to Harvard, where the first "Let's Go" Travel Guidebook was produced by students in the '70's.
  • Discover the CB Radio Craze, notorious during the oil crisis, and acclaimed in such movies as "Smokey and the Bandit".
  • Search for that rare 21st Century hitchhiker.

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