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The Philippines is the world’s second largest Archipelago comprising of 7,107 stunning Islands nestled in the Pacific Ocean’s Coral Triangle. Ever since the first Malaysian and Indonesian settlers arrived nearly 70,000 years ago, boats have played a fundamental role in shaping the country, its people, economy and culture. In our hour-long adventure we explore five of the Philippines most breath-taking Islands. This episode will tell the story of the Philippines history, its people and its dramatic landscapes. Starting in the chaos of Cebu City, Zoe D’Amato explores the birth of the Philippines and its main religion, Christianity. After a tour of the port, observing how the shipping industry acts as the lifeblood of the country we head North to the sleepy oasis of Bantayan Island. Famous for its fishing, we join a local fisherman and learn how for many people in the Philippines, life revolves around the ocean. On the island of Negros, Zoe experiences one of the world’s most vibrant and spectacular fiestas – the Maskarra festival, a month long extravaganza of dazzling dances, shimmering costumes and smiling faces. The highlight of the festival is the intensely competitive street dance contest and Zoe joins the defending champions in their bid to retain their title and gain a grand slam victory. After a 36 hour ferry crossing the magnificent Sulu Sea, sleeping on the deck of the boat, we finish our journey in Palawan, the Philippines last ecological frontier. Zoe gets a taste for Palawan’s spectacular scenery, discovering palm fringed beaches, rugged limestone cliffs, meandering rivers and lush tropical rainforest. We meet a local Badjao tribe, known as Sea Gypsies, who traditionally spend their entire life at sea, living on bamboo banca boats before heading to Tay Tay to learn about one of the World’s most exotic gems – the South Sea Pearl. For centuries Badjao tribes have risked their lives diving for these elusive and extravagant jewels. Visiting the Jewel Mer Pearl Farm we learn that today’s pearl hunters are taking a more scientific and sustainable approach. Zoe helps the team with their daily tasks from the lab to the hatchery, harvesting golden pearls. ur epic adventure in the exquisite, turquoise waters of the Bacuit Circuit sailing Tao Philippines majestic Paraw. This Filipino outrigger was built using traditional techniques and its passionate crew will teach our presenter the ropes and the history of these stunning sailboats.

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