Tokyo City Guide (Physical DVD) (Region 1 ONLY)

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Tokyo is a fascinating city of extremes, blending the old traditions with visions of the future and an extraordinary pace of life. A shock of skyscrapers and neon, it's a gleaming example of Japan's post World War II success. Traveller Ian Wright begins his stay by experiencing the spiritual side of Tokyo at the peace loving Senso-ji temple. After a gentle introduction he throws himself into the pace of the city and discovers some incredible technology and fashion! He then heads to Mount Fuji for a crowded climb to the summit, before ending his trip experiencing the infamous Tokyo nightlife. along the way...

  • Enjoy a volcanic spa at the base of Mount Fuji
  • Eat a sushi breakfast in the Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Explore the hi-tech world of Odaiba's technology centres
  • Marvel at the colorful floats of the Aomori Nebuta Festival
  • Learn about the Bushido philosophy of the Samurai warriors

Runtime: 52 minutes per program

*This DVD is available in Region 1 only, meaning that it is possible it will not play on certain older DVD player models. Therefore, we cannot supply this DVD to postal addresses outside Region 1 unless specifically arranged with our London office. This may involve additional costs and delays in receiving your order.

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