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The Story of Spice conjures images of tempting culinary arts, fascinating travels to faraway lands, bitter struggles for supremacy and the rise and fall of empires.

Judith Jones, along with fellow travellers around the world, discovers the extraordinary story of the world’s most aromatic culinary ingredients.

Following Alexander the Great’s return from the Middle East, his haul of Indian spices in tow, the Arabs developed an extensive trade route: The Golden Road of Samarkand.

In the early age of exploration, as navigation technics improved, Europeans began searching out spices for themselves; Marco Polo being one of the first explorers in the later part of the Middle Ages to explore the East. Seafaring Venetians then became the new middlemen linking the Ottoman spice traders with their spice hungry customers in Europe.

After the Portuguese, the Spanish went on to create and control a new global spice route spanning three continents. 

Whereas once spices were particular to specific countries and regions, nowadays, they are grown all over the world. 



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