Syria (Physical DVD)

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Globe Trekker Holly Morris explores some of Syria's most famous sites and cities, delving beneath the surface to discover a culture of time honored tradition and people full of warmth and hospitality. Her journey begins in the ancient trading center of Aleppo, exploring the markets and impressive Citadel. From Aleppo, Holly takes a day trip to the Greco-Roman city of Apamea and some of the world's oldest Christian ruins known as the Dead Cities. Her next destination is the lush coastal mountains for a visit to Saladin's Castle and Krak des Chevaliers , before heading to the capital Damascus. Despite its ancient origins Holly finds that Damascus is very much the modern face of Syria. The final leg of her journey takes Holly east into the Syrian Desert to the legendary oasis of Palmyra, considered to contain the most impressive ancient Roman remains in the world. Also includes World Cafe Middle East - Damascus & Aleppo The producers of Globe Trekker and presenter Bobby Chinn take you on a culinary tour through the Syrian cities of Damascus and Aleppo to explore how Syria's food traditions have developed over the centuries.

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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