Rust Belt - American Titans (Physical DVD)

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FORMAT: Region-free DVD - Plays anywhere worldwide

Running time: 120 minutes


In this two episode Globe Trekker special, explorer Megan McCormick spans the American Midwest and the Great Lakes in search of innovations that ignited the Industrial Revolution in America.

The "Rust Belt" was the manufacturing heartland of the nation, where some of America's most prominent industries, such as steel production and automobile manufacturing, were located. Even with its economic decline over the years, Megan discovers on her travels that the Rust Belt is a region bristling with life. As the young move in, they are regenerating the once monumental metropolises of America's gilded age, with their empire and zeal.


Along the way:

  • Take the grand 'Rust Belt' tour on Lake Erie's eastern port of Buffalo at the Erie Canal.
  • Explore the waterways surrounding Buffalo's giant grain elevators.
  • Parade Delaware Avenue and see the mansions that the grain and cereal magnates built.
  • Discover 20th century American architecture and tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie style Martin House Complex.
  • Tour Andrew Carnegie's revolutionary Homestead Mill in Pittsburgh, and recount the legendary battle between the steel workers and the Pinkertons.
  • See a 1915 Model T Ford Motor Car that was manufactured in Detroit.