Italy and Rome (Discount DVD Bundle) (Region 1 ONLY)

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FORMAT: REGION 1 DVD - Contains episodes: Northern Italy, Southern Italy, and Rome City Guide!

These 2 best selling Globe Trekker DVD titles makes a perfect trip planning guide, or gift for a friend to show them a little Amore! Italy, bordered by France, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Austria, is a boot shaped peninsula extending southward into the Mediterranean Sea. This relatively young nation has preserved it rich variety, and each region differs in character, culture, and cuisine. Disc 1: Traveller Megan McCormick visits the spectacular Italian Alps and the modern, stylish, cultural, and gastronomic cities of the Northern Italy. Meanwhile Justine Shapiro looks beyond the image of the under-developed Southern Italy, and explores Rome, Naples, and countryside villages, before reaching the tip of Italy's toe in Aspromonte.

Disc 2: Traveller Estelle Bingham starts her exploration of Rome at the Forum, the hub of ancient Rome. From there she visits Michelangelo's beautiful Piazza Campidoglio, then moves on to stroll through charming Trastevere. She completes her tour at the Pantheon, one of Rome's great ancient buildings and the resting place of Raphael.

Along the way....

  • Kick start the day with some real Italian coffee
  • View the greatest private art collection in Europe at the Villa Borghese
  • Take a tour of Vatican City, the smallest state in the word, and attend a service with the Pope
  • Visit the impressive Colosseum and imagine ancient gladiatorial combats
  • Walk the romantic streets of Verona
  • Visit fashion capital Milan
  • Admire the well-preserved houses and frescos of Pompeii
  • Attend the traditional festival of the Madonna Del Carmine in the fishing town of Terracina
  • Experience the Venice Carnival

Runtime: 52 minutes per program

*This DVD is available in Region 1 only, meaning that it is possible it will not play on certain older DVD player models. Therefore, we cannot supply this DVD to postal addresses outside Region 1 unless specifically arranged with our London office. This may involve additional costs and delays in receiving your order.