Globe Guides Series 2 - East African Islands (Digital Download)

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Follow our presenters through this mesmerising show that will take you on a trip to some of the best islands the east coast of Africa has on offer. From the relaxing and quiet beaches of Zanzibar, Ian Wright unfolds the true history of the slave trade as well as sampling some of the areas culinary delicacies.

We then take you up to the coast of the Swahili oasis of Lamu, where after a day of losing herself through the streets of Stone town, Estelle Bingham relaxes with the women over lunch, and catches her breath, as she lazes on a boat overlooking the stunning scenery that surrounds this forgotten paradise.

We then finish our trip on the beautiful Isle De Mozambique, and follow Ian Wright as he takes us behind the history and culture of this island, unfolding the hidden treasure that it’s colonial ancestry left behind.

Runtime: 30 minutes per show
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