Globe Guides Series 2 - Day Trips: Washington & Miami (Digital Download)

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Washington DC is rich for its history, and a day trip over the border into neighbouring Virginia will make you step back in time. First stop is James Town, where the first European settlers arrived and then to York Town, one of the crucial battlefields during the American War of Independence. Our presenters then travel through the battlefields of the American Civil War to sites such as Standardsville and Gettysburg where President Lincoln delivered his famous address that defined a nation.

From Miami, we take a trip into the marshland, knows as the Everglades, before heading south through the Florida Keys to Key West, the southern most tip of America where we visit one of the home’s of Earnest Hemingway. We then travel down to the west coast of Florida and end our trip swimming in the crystal river with one of the world’s most unusual sea creatures, the Manatees.

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