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This monhth, Globe Guides take us on a journey through the Mediterranean, Tahiti, Peru and Britain. Cusco, the ‘Florence of Latin America’, known above all for its art and architecture, is Peru’s oldest continuously inhabited city. Most of the city’s original buildings were razed to the ground by the Spanish conquistadors and replaced with Mediterranean ones; the city celebrates its most important day in the Peruvian calendar with the colourful and majestic festival of the Inti Raymi. Revived in 1944 following its suppression by the Spanish, Inti Raymi takes place on the 24th June. The festival is a re-enactment of the Inca sun festival that took place during the winter solstice. Originally a religious ceremony lasting for a week, the festival has become more of a pageant based on the ceremony and climaxes with the sacrifice of a llama for the auguries of the coming year. Meanwhile, Ian Wright starts out in French Corsica moving on to the west coast of Italy’s Sardinia to experience some exhilarating water sports. For those who prefer the more frenetic holiday experience, the Greek Islands are a clubbers dream; head to Paradise Island in Mykonos, its 24-hour party capital. The island also has some lovely secluded beaches and country lanes. Alternatively, travellers can head north and experience the Setu people’s Singing Festival in Estonia, or join the celebrations of the midsummer sunset in Latvia. Jonathan Atherton stays in London where he watches a parade of the Queen’s Guard and rubs shoulders with high society and compares notes on some rather extravagant headwear at Royal Ascot. We meet up with Ian again as he watches the ‘Calcio Storico‘ in Florence. A traditional yet violent sport, the game combines rugby, football wrestling and boxing. One of Florence’s most colourful events, four teams of strapping lads representing the city’s ancient quarters – Santa Croce, Santo Spirito and San Giovanni battle it out for supremacy on the sandy pitch in the centre of the square. We then move on to the city of Pisa, a once a glorious maritime republic which revives its past with a regatta and the city’s spectacular Giocco del Ponte in which six teams test their strength and stamina in a push-of-war dating back to the 13th century. Further north, Holly Morris ventures through the majestic spires and limestone towers of Italy’s stunning Dolomite Mountains. Ladders and cables have been added for climbers over the years and the area has become known as the Via Ferrata or the “Iron Way”. Holly climbs for two days over some spectacular scenery via the famous Scala degli Amici or the “Ladder of Friends”, until she reaches the Breta Pass. Our last port of call is Tahiti where Ian is guest at a display of skill and strength as locals pit their wits against each other in the annual strongman competition. We see novel ways to open coconuts, palm tree climbing and rock lifting.

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