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In this episode, the Pilot team discovers that while Africa boasts some of the world’s most splendid beaches – perfect for that quintessential summer vacation – August offers much more than just beach bumming. They zip across the globe for some rough and tumble at the Highland Games in Scotland, run riot at the Tomatina Festival in Spain, puff their way up Mount Rainier in Washinton State, USA and join Memphis’s Elvis Week commemorations in Tennessee. This is the month of Scotland’s Highland Games, the perfect way of getting in touch with the country’s ancient traditions. Megan McCormick delves in at Strathdon where the games have taken place for 159 years. She meets the champion of sporting oddities like ‘tossing the caber’ and ‘putting the stone’ and even finds herself on the winning side of a ‘tug of war’ competition. August is when many of us turn our attention to sun, sand and sea. Ian Wright discovers that beautiful views don’t come at much of a price in Bredju on the east coast of Zanzibar, while Megan jets over to Ghana and the Ivory Coast in search of even more secluded beach destinations. She visits Ghana’s Brenu Beach and Poly Plage in the Ivory Coast. The peaceful little town of Bunol, Spain, has become famous for its annual fruity festivities. Locals claim that the Tomatina Festival all started in 1945 with the toss of a tomato in protest against Franco. Ian Wright joins a tomato-chucking riot that’s much akin to flailing around in a giant cauldron of spaghetti bolognaise. Many of the world’s best mountains are only accessible during the summer months and August is a great time to tackle Mount Rainier in Washington State, USA. Zay Harding gets to grips with this summit with a guided climb from Camp Muir along the Disappointment Cleaver Route and is dazzled by some spectacular vistas along the way. For thousands of faithful Elvis fans around the world August is a time of remembrance and many make the pilgrimage to his home, Memphis, Tennessee. Ian Wright takes a tour of the city’s Elvis sites during Elvis Week taking in Sun Studio where he recorded his first hit and his famous Graceland residence, rounding off with the candlelit vigil on the night of August 15 held every year since Elvis’s death. The sight of thousands parading past his grave prove that Elvis still holds the mantle of King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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