France (2 shows) (Physical DVD) (Region 1 ONLY)

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Situated on the Western edge of Europe, the outside world has always had a love affair with France. Synonymous with food, style and romance, few nations of its size can offer visitors such a variety of spectacular sights, scenery and culture. Traveller Justine Shapiro starts her journey in northern France on the beaches of Normandy. Traveling east through the vineyards of the Champagne region, she then explores Brittany and the Somme. Christina Chang takes over in Bordeaux, travelling through Arles, Marseilles and Lourdes. She ends her journey in Monaco, on the beaches of the Riviera. along the way...

  • Experience "Vine Therapy" in Bordeaux
  • Take a canoe trip down the Dordogne River
  • Celebrate Bastille Day in vibrant Marseilles
  • Enjoy the gourmet taste of Escargot - otherwise know as snails
  • Join a pilgrimage to the world famous landmark, Mont St. Michael

Runtime: 52 minutes per program

*This DVD is available in Region 1 only, meaning that it is possible it will not play on certain older DVD player models. Therefore, we cannot supply this DVD to postal addresses outside Region 1 unless specifically arranged with our London office. This may involve additional costs and delays in receiving your order.