Empire Builders - Spanish Empire (Physical DVD)

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In this episode of Empire Builders we explore ten sites that chart the rise of this crusading Catholic Empire.

Until the 15th century Spain was in many ways an unremarkable European country and for several centuries been the object of conquest itself first by the Romans and then by the Moslem Moors who both occupied much of the country for several hundred years.

But by the 15th century Spain was a devoutly Christian and Catholic country and its monarchy then produced a series of ambitious and powerful leaders. It was King and Queen Ferdinand and Isabella who finally expelled the Moors in 1492, unleashed inquisition and then funded the journey of the Italian Christopher Columbus to the New World… a journey that was to change the fortunes of Spain and the world forever.

The riches bestowed by the New World would usher in a golden age for Spain not just making it the most powerful nation in Europe but a global superpower.

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