Empire Builders - Moslem Empires (Physical DVD)

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In this episode of Empire Builders, we explore ten sites that made history as we chart the rise and fall of these great Muslim Empires.

In the seventh century, a great new religion was born and rose up in the deserts of what is
now Saudi Arabia. Within 200 years, the religion had spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and then through the Moors into Southern Spain and Portugal.

By the 13th century it had spread through the Ottomans into Eastern Europe, and by the 15th, through the Mughal’s to India.

Using CGI, contributions from experts in their fields and re-enactments, we walk the ruins, discover the story behind, and explore the historic sites of:

  1. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
  2. Umayyad Mosque, Damascus
  3. Mezquita, Cordoba
  4. Horns of Hattin, Palestine
  5. Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul
  6. Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
  7. Shah Mosque, Isfahan
  8. Red Fort, Agra
  9. Tombs of the Sultans, Delhi
  10. Taj Mahal, Agra

Runtime: 60 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide

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