Empire Builders - British Raj (Physical DVD)

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In this episode of Empire Builders, we explore 10 sites that made history, and chart the rise and fall of the British Empire.

In the 18th century, European powers combed the South Seas, searching out unexplored lands, treasures, and people. British ships commanded by celebrated navigators, such as Captain James Cook, led the way. British sea power led to discoveries that would lay the foundations for its empire.

At the heart of this great empire was India, a vast and exotic land, teeming with peoples, religions, and treasures. 

For almost 200 years, the British would be the world’s major power, and its empire the largest the world had ever seen.

In fact Britain became the world’s first global superpower. The roots of British power can be traced to the Caribbean, where the free labour of slaves imported from West Africa was used to harvest sugarcane, which European tastes craved as much, if not more, than other so-called Eastern delicacies, such as coffee, chocolate, tea and spices. Britain’s empire was also one of conquest and credit. It was an empire based on money that and violence, and on the ability to employ large numbers of troops to fight.

Using CGI contributions from experts in their fields and re-enactments, we walk the ruins, discover the story behind, and explore the historic sites of:

  1. Fort Rodney, St Lucia
  2. East India Company, London
  3. Kew Gardens, London
  4. HMS Victory, Portsmouth
  5. Port Arthur, Australia
  6. Albertopolis, London
  7. Bombay Railway Station, Mumbai
  8. Raffles Hotel, Singapore
  9. Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore
  10. Viceroys House, Delhi

Runtime: 60 minutes per program
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