Chile and Easter Island (Physical DVD)

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Chile is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and separated from the rest of South America by the Andes mountains. Nearly 3,000 miles in length and rarely more than a hundred miles wide, Chile stretches from the tropics almost to Antarctica. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey in the scorching aridity of the Atacama Desert. He then moves south to the capital, Santiago, before taking a train to visit the indigenous Mapuche Indians. He travels across the outstanding glacier-streamed mountains of Torres del Paine National Park. Via Robinson Crusoe Island, he flies to Easter Island and ends his journey on one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth. along the way...
  • See ancient mummies with their glossy black hair still neatly braided
  • Watch dawn break over the highest geyser field in the world
  • Learn how to herd llamas
  • Observe the stars through the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere
  • See the colossal Moai on Easter Island, among the most fascinating archaeological mysteries of all time

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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