Buenos Aires City Guide (Physical DVD)

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Discover one of South America's most exciting and vibrant cities as Globe Trekker host Judith Jones takes us to the capital of Argentina. Welcome to Buenos Aires!
Judith begins her trip visiting San Telmo and the lively and colourful La Boca region. After taking a class in tango dancing, she then ventures to one of the trendiest mignolas, La Catedral, to try out her moves. Afterwards, she travels to the barrios of Monserrat and San Nicol s, takes the subway to the Plaza de Mayo, home of the Casa Rosada and the heart of government. A day trip out of the city takes her to Colonia, Uruguay, then back in Buenos Aires she explores the fashionable Recoleta barrio with its chic shops and Parisian-style architecture. Heading back out of the city, Judith travels to the wine producing region of Mendoza, before returning to Buenos Aires and finishing up her trip in the barrios of Mataderos and Palermo.

along the way...
Visit the final resting place of Evita
Sample world famous Argentinean steak in Mataderos
See the home of Boca Juniors soccer team
Learn about the 1976 coup d' tat

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide