Cameroon (Physical DVD)

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Located deep in the heart of Africa, Cameroon is one of the continent's best kept secrets. It's an adventure traveler's dream destination, an amazingly diverse land with lush rainforests, arid savannas, towering volcanoes, fantastic wildlife and a kaleidoscope of cultures. It's a challenging destination, but you'll be richly rewarded if you take it on. Traveler Zay Harding starts his journey in Limbe, heading out to climb Mount Cameroon, West Africa's highest peak. After meeting a pigmy tribe in the rainforests of Djoum, he then heads north for a wild encounter with Hippos in Garoua and a chief with 50 wives in Oudjilla. He then ends his trip tracking lions in Waza National Park. along the way...

  • Meet the primate guests at the Limbe Wildlife Center
  • Complete the grueling and steep Mount Cameroon Marathon
  • Try your hand at Bakweri wrestling
  • Witness pygmy forest culture first hand on a small hunting expedition
  • Have your fortune read by a crab sorcerer

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide