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Sophisticated and chic, Florence has been a centre of style and status for 500 years. KT Comer finds that the spirit of the Renaissance is still alive as she travels the streets, shops, markets, museums, hotels and hostelries of Tuscany’s greatest city. In this episode, she learns of the link between the money of the Medicis and the masterpieces of Michelangelo. She discovers the connection between the ancient artisanship of Florence, that gives us our finest shoes, and the wealth which gives Florence its finest buildings, including the modern and extravagant Hotel Continentale. She tackles the excessive feast that is a Florentine lunch at the Grotta Guelfa and samples the finest Chianti wines. She takes lessons on fashion design from Ermano Scervino and on Florentine etiquette from a local socialite. She lusts over the gold of the Ponte Vecchio and tries to find a sculpture small enough to fit in her hand luggage.

Runtime: 25 minutes per show
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