Around The World East to West: Istanbul to Vienna (Physical DVD)

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East to West: Istanbul to Vienna

Veteran Globe Trekker presenter Ian Wright concludes our epic Around The World journey bridging the gap between East and West on a journey from the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, to one of Europe’s grandest and most sophisticated hubs, Vienna.

Beginning in Istanbul, Ian visits the Süleymaniye Mosque to experience the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire and learn about its ambitious Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent and his ambitions to expand the Ottoman Empire West into Europe.

Crossing into Bulgaria he explores the Roman ruins in Plovdiv and dons a toga to join in an ancient Thracian ritual. He then travels to Serbia, where the Nis Skull Tower stands as a reminder of Ottoman raids and rule. After a ride on the Šargan Eight Narrow Gauge Railway it’s on to the Croatian coast and a road trip to Dubrovnik, Split and Rijeka. Then after a quick dip in the world’s largest thermal lake in Hungary his journey ends in Vienna, home of Mozart and Sigmund Freud, and also where he discovers how crucial the city’s bakers were to surviving the Ottoman siege in 1683.

Along the way…

• Visit an authentic hippy hangout in Istanbul

• Dive from the Ottoman era Višegrad Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Visit the spectacular coastline of the Adriatic Sea

• Learn about the origins of the croissant in Vienna

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide