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Megan McCormick's journey in one of the ultimate travelers' destinations, West India, begins in the small holy town of Pushkar. Along with hundreds of thousands of visitors, she takes part in the annual religious festival and receives a blessing on the shores of the lake. The town is also famous for its camel fair every November and Megan drives a hard bargain with the traders. After a gruelling 8 hour bus ride north to Bikaner, a remote desert city, Megan puts on a brave face and visits the extraordinary Karnimassar Temple. The temple is filled with rats, which are worshiped as the reincarnations of story tellers. In a small village just outside the city she bears witness to fire-dancing at the Sidh sect festival. The golden city of Jaisalmer, which was built in the 12th century, is at the very heart of Rajistan. Megan, with her hands freshly adorned with henna, wanders through the market streets and samples Bhang Lassi, the infamous local speciality, at the Jaisalmer Fort. Megan makes the most of the renowned tailors in Udaipur,

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