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Famous for its cuisine, art and architecture, France is the world's most popular tourist destination. Visitors are lured by the romance of Paris and the sophistication of the south åÎ̍Ì_åöÌ__åÎå but is there life beyond the Eiffel tower, can-can girls and haughty waiters? Justine Shapiro travels to the western and northern regions of this surprisingly diverse nation to find out. First Justine touches down on the Normandy beaches, site of the tragic World War Two D-Day landings. Touring the surrounding sites in an army jeep, she discovers the history of St Mere Eglise, the town at the centre of the behind-the-lines parachute drop the night before D-day and achieved notoriety in the later film The Longest Day. Nearby is the world famous thousand-year old pilgrimage site Mont Saint Michel, an abbey perched on a small rocky island in the middle of a shallow bay. Justine tackles the abbey on foot åÎ̍Ì_åöÌ__åÎå a trip that's claimed a fair few pilgrims through the centuries because of its sudden tidal turns and deep pits of quick sand. Brittany stands out of the French cultural landscape with its individual history and language. The fete de Broduese celebrates Brittany's uniqueness. At this festival women sport coifs åÎ̍Ì_åöÌ__åÎå large embroidered hats typical of the region. Justine meets the queen of the festival and even gets a coiff of her own. Passing through the coastal resorts of Le Touquet, Boulogne-sur-mer and Calais, Justine continues inland to discover French Flanders, probably the least known part of France. Battlefield Tourism is big business in the north and the hardships and heroism of World War One soldiers is of enduring interest to thousands of visitors every year. Justine joins World War fanatics for a night in a farmhouse that served as a front line hospital for the British åÎ̍Ì_åöÌ__åÎå a good place to mentally prepare for a morning trip through the haunting trenches of the Somme Valley. Finally, Justine moves northeast for a scenic bike ride åÎ̍åÎÌøåÎ̍Ì_åÈand ends up in the Champagne region where she toasts her discovery of this often overlooked yet equally fascinating region of France.

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