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Ian Wright goes on an unusual journey to the Southern Islands of Japan - from Kyushu down to the Yaeyama Islands, Japan's westernmost point, only 110 km from Taiwan. Using a combination of flights and ferries, Ian island-hops through the Pacific Islands and proves that even Japan can be done on a budget. He begins his trip in Tokyo, with its congested sprawl of high rises, narrow alleys ablaze with neon lights and surging crowds of office workers. The bullet train whisks Ian out of Tokyo at 200 mph to the skiing resort of Zao Onsen. Here he becomes the terror of the slopes and tries his hand at that peculiar Japanese tradition of skiing after nightfall. After all his exertions he takes an open air bath surrounded by the slopes and snow capped mountains. Ian flies to Kyusho, the largest of Japan's Southern islands. He takes a trip to Mount Aso, exploring the volcano at the centre of the island. It's then a short overland journey east to Nagasaki, where Ian learns about the city's unfortunate fate as the second target of the atomic bomb, which was to signal the end of hostilities during World War II. Another flight takes Ian to the next island Okinawa, scene of ferocious fighting at the end of the last war. The unspoilt tranquillity of the Yaeyama Islands are Ian's final destinations. On Iriomote he treks through the jungle and ends his journey at the beautiful Binai waterfalls.

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